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Board Meeting Minutes of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce
255 South State Street, Unit B, Manhattan, IL  60442
April 10, 2018 

Present: Donna Bateman, Mary Kay Cooper, Shari Fiocca, Erin McDonough and Kevin Sing and Administrative Assistant Peggy Kraatz

Absent: Brian Kannberg and Laura Umphrey

The meeting was called to order at 5:30 p.m. by president Shari Fiocca.

The group agreed to save $5 and have the Consumer Cellular bill emailed.Donna will set up an autopay. Donna presented the February and March Treasurer’s Report showing reindeer deposit. A State Farm Insurance quote was considered. A request needs to be submitted to both companies-Pekin and State Farm for Renters Insurance rather than building coverage and to see if banners would be covered.

Kevin moved to move all but $1000 out of the banner account and combine it with the CD which is coming due to put the money into a BMO CD at 2% for 18 months. Motion carried.


Lunch and Learns:Peggy will set up the next Lunch and Learn. We will try a breakfast at 8 am on May 17 at the Village Meeting Room. Menu will include coffee, orange juice, donut holes, yogurt and fruit. Kevin will check on the availability of a Village large coffee pot. Besides networking, members can promote their upcoming events, which can include the Concerts in the Park, Cruise Nights and a drive-in movie. Midewin should also be invited to promote their events. While not a member, their governmental status was considered and allowed.

Family Bingo Night has been changed to Family Date Night on June 15 from 5-8 pm. A Bingo license would have cost $50 for two events plus borrowing ball machine and cards from the American Legion on Cedar Road in New Lenox. Prizes were discussed between getting donations from businesses to a pull a slip with the prize described. Kids could play a special Candy Bar Bingo. 
A Special Event Permit needs to be completed. Fritz’s would be the perfect business to supply food and alcohol. They would also need a Special Event Permit. Hopefully they would consider donating 10% of the profit to the event. If they cannot do it, then a food truck could be considered, but it would not serve liquor.
After much discussion the evening would now consist of a Dance Party. Cost would be $5 per family up to five people. $1 for each person above the five.An adult must accompany everyone under 18. Attendees will get hand stamped. 

Fireworks: Mary Kay will start a Save the Fireworks Go Fund Me page after she finds out the Fund Me rules and fees. The goal with fees would be $7,500. Mail donations would also be accepted. If even half of the households would contribute $5, we would meet our goal. If the goal is not met then money will go towards the scholarship fund. Fireworks would be on Sunday.

Gingerbread House Contest instead will be a dropin Family Gingerbread Decorating Event. Kits, sold at cost, will be put together there by children in pre-school to eighth grades. Preregistration will be required. Timing might be 11-2 depending upon Park District space available and other town activities.The three age groups are prek-2, 3-5 and 6-8. It will not be a contest. Once completed, items will be taken home. We may need to supply a foil-covered cardboard on which to make the house. This timing would work well with reindeer from 10-noon.

Puppy Adoption: The First Bank of Manhattan is hosting a Puppy Adoption on June 2 on the North Street parking lot.

Scholarships: Erin is handling the details with the deadline for the Manhattan Junior High and St. JosephSchool at the end of April. That award is $100. Providence and Lincoln-Way West will select their $250 winners.

Banners: Shari got three quotes all for 18 oz. vinyl. Shipping might be over $115 for distant companies. Some have a three-year warranty while others are only 90 days. Shari will check on the availability of multicolor and logos on banners. “Welcome to Manhattan” should only take up two lines. The group decided that if banners were purchased by June 1, the cost would be $200 and if purchased by June 30th the cost would be $225. It is hoped to have them hung by late fall.

Welcome Bags: Eight new houses received bags this week with two the last week.

Facebook: Peggy has been featuring events on Monday, job postings on Tuesday and membership features on Wednesday. She has received some membership spotlight information.

New Director: A member of Dr. Radcliff’s new chiropractic business soon to open next to the Revolution Church has contacted the chamber to be on the board. Since his business is not yet open, and since several members were not present, the topic was tabled until the next meeting. One issue is that our Constitution and By-laws are in conflict. One says seven is the max and the other says eight. We need first to make them agree on the maximum number of board members and then decide if we should wait until October elections or introduce a new member now.

Map: For Racetrack visitors, a postcard size map of businesses showing restaurants, gas and grocery store might be a good idea.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Kay Cooper, secretary

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