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Manhattan Chamber of Commerce Board Minutes
255 South State Street, Unit B, Manhattan, IL 60442
April 9, 2019

Present: Donna Bateman, Kristy Byers, Mary Kay Cooper, Shari Fiocca,Tim McGrath, Joe Regan and Kevin Sing. 

Absent: Laura Umphrey

Shari called the meeting to order at 3:30 PM. Kevin moved, and Kristy seconded a motion to approve the secretary’s report as written. Motion carried. Donna reviewed the treasurer’s report.Kevin moved and Joe seconded a motion to accept the treasurer’s report. Motion carried.

Membership:Members who have not yet renewed: Agave Azul, ATP Equipment, Feil Water, Granite Mountain, Jim Moustis, Moody Blues Jean Boutique, St. Pauls UCC and Subway.They have been removed from Monday Memos and other email information, web page and members’ list. Newest members are Lincoln-Way Theater Guild, Moms Helping Moms, and Murray Law Firm. Businesses not renewing are Maertin Heating and Green Glenn Nursery. Two members are going out of business: The Pink Door and Yoga Castle in Manhattan only. Membership is now at 77. 

Welcome Bags: Next year it would be better to pack the Welcome Bags after the renewal period so that non-renewal members’ items would not have to be removed from filled bags. The new cloth bags have arrived. Each bag cost .10¢ more to have the bottom liner, but over $200 was saved on delivery costs by switching vendors. Shari, Joe and Kristy currently have bags to be delivered. Also delivering in April are Joe Cerullo, Amanda Maletich, Becky McGee, and Kathi Boswell.

Networking Event: The next gathering will be at the First Bank of Manhattan’s Community Room on April 17 at 11:45 with Lincoln-Way Superintendent Scott Tingley speaking. June and July still need speakers. Bashing other businesses is not good for building relationships. It does not set a positive tone for the luncheon. Joe will speak with the offending business.

Scholarships: Kristy brought two essays, which the high schools have selected as the top ones meeting our basic criteria of living in the Manhattan area and being at least a B student. Peotone did not submit a student. Based on the leadership essay topic, Mary Kay moved and Kevin seconded a motion to select the Lincoln-Way West student for the Chamber scholarship over the Providence one. Kristy will present the award on May 14. Motion carried.

Labor Day: Fireworks will be Sunday, September 1 with a rain date of Monday, September 2. The parade goes on rain or shine. Setting up the electronics upstairs in the chamber office would avoid getting them wet in the last minute rain like last year. At the August meeting, we will test out the system. Have the judges stand on the Museum side of the street would also put all our elements in close proximity.

Manhattan on Tap/Friday Shopping Event: Kristy attended theManhattan on Tap meeting. Many ideas were suggested especially by her PTO president contact. For a Friday Night of Shopping, vendors who are chamber members could pay less for their table than non-members. Liquor license would be through the Village. Some profits would need to be shared with Manhattan on Tap after expenses from dram license, tent rental, liquor, police presence, crossing guard etc. were paid. Kevin will encourage Village officials to give back to the community and help serve that night. Joe has 40 volunteers who work with St. Jude’s charity. A 50/50 split the pot for St. Judes would need to be split 50 to the winner and the other 50 split in some proportion with the event. Kevin will know soon if a carnival will also be happening that night. The next Manhattan on Tap meeting will be April 16. Food trucks were also considered. People don’t want to wait for their meal to be cook in a restaurant type setting.

Kevin Malloy’s event: Kevin would like the support of the chamber to have a Thursday, September 5 Ladies Night Out event in Manhattan. The group was in favor of the event. Suggested locations include the Village Parking lot or the Park District area.

Christmas on State: One idea for the Scavenger Hunt is to have the youngster identify a location from a photo and take a picture of him/her self in that location and send it to a # site. From those a drawing can also be done. Finding the Grinch and Time Square were suggested places to find. Mary Kay will look into the cost of the Disney characters from Irish Fest parade.

Synthetic ice can only have hockey skates, not figure skates, which will ruin the surface with the toe breaks. The cost for a rink is less than $10,000 if using water and can be used multiple years.

Lights decorating State Street was discussed, but lights could not go across the state controlled downtown roadway. They could go from building to building on each side of the street.

Banners: Image 360 will complete all the banners in less than a week.

State of the Village: The April 24th 11:30 AM luncheon will take place at Hansen’s Community Center.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:50 pm.

The next meeting will be May 14, 2019.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Kay Cooper, secretary

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