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Minutes of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce Board

255 South State Street, Unit B, Manhattan, IL 60442

August 8, 2018


Present: Donna Bateman, Mary Kay Cooper, Brian Kannberg, Erin McDonough, Shari Fiocca and Kevin Sing and Administrative Assistant Peggy Kraatz


Absent: Laura Umphrey


President Shari Fiocca called the meeting to order at 5:15 p.m.


Mary Kay moved to approve the July treasurer’s report, and Erin seconded the motion. Motion carried. The new Messio Dei Lutheran Church in the previous Baptist Church and St. Paul’s United Church of Christ joined the Chamber. Peggy will take pictures of the redone church during the week of Aug. 22.



Labor Day Parade: It was suggested to have John Kiefner bring in the hayrack for the judges @ 8 am so that it could be decorated. Ron Pacheco has agreed to be the announcer. Mary Kay will contact the three remaining Lion’s Club members to see if they will be judges. Erin will contact Mrs. Pacheco for the other judge. The group agreed to have Lincoln-Way Band as the Grand Marshall to support their trip to the Rose Bowl. Shirts for volunteers are in the back closet. Only Firework’s donations of $250 or more will be announced at the parade as well as Whitmore Ace for allowing the round up program. Those donations will also be recognized on Facebook. The group decided not to hand out cloth type bags with sponsors’ names as last year. Peggy will also post thank-yous on Facebook sites of Manhattan Moms, Manhattan, IL, Manhattan Neighborhood Watch and Manhappenin’s.


Friday, public works can move the speakers to the Museum. Erin and hubby with a dolly will move it across the street and setup.


More help will be needed with the parade flow. Cell phone will need to have volunteers’ numbers as well as Peggy’s pre-programmed.


Labor Day Fireworks:

Peggy will contact the fireworks company to see what an extra $500 will purchase. Next year the cost will be 15% higher. Go Fund Me fees will run about $60. Mary Kay will write the Chamber a check for the Go Fund Me amount of $1,762.72, which is the amount after fees are deducted, once it is deposited into her account. A total of $7500 was raised from all sources. Whitmore Ace would like to present a large check at the next meeting.


People may view the fireworks from Central Park, but there will be no band because the Park District’s budget for the band and time and a half for employees is not possible.


No Chamber or Village volunteers will be necessary for Sunday’s fireworks. The rain date will be Monday, Labor Day.



The board agreed to continue past policy, which states that publicity for events is only provided for members.

By-Law Revisions: Discussion will continue at the next meeting regarding how to change the By-Laws when there is an abundance of candidates for the board. This is an unusual situation. Also to be address is the situation of when a director is transferred. His/her business replacement is not automatically placed on the board. It is the person not the business who is voted on as part of the board.


Next Year’s Board:

It was decided that current board members who wished to remain on the board should email with their intentions by Aug. 15. They should also write a short bio as part of the process and email that by Sept. 1.



Banner deadline is Aug. 27 for current banner holders. So far only five have sent in their application and money. They are Berkot’s, St. Joseph School, First Bank and Historical Society. Chamber should also order a banner. Home Star is waiting for corporate check. BMO will not renew their banner.


Welcome Bags: 

Donna noted a drop in the number of bags that she is delivering. Kevin noted there is a slow down of people moving in as school starts soon as well as more people are picking them up at the Village Hall. He does not think the Chamber should pay gas costs for delivery. If resident wants a Welcome Bag, they should stop in at the Village Hall or else not get one. Stopping in at the Village also gives the new comer resident information.


The meeting was adjourned at 6:40 pm. The next meeting will be August 14 at the office.


Respectfully submitted,


Mary Kay Cooper, secretary

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