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Manhattan Chamber of Commerce Meeting Minutes

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the meeting was held as a Zoom conference call.

August 11, 2020


Present: Donna Bateman, Becky Bouck, Kristy Byers, Joe Cerullo, Mary Kay Cooper, Shari Fiocca, Tim McGrath and Administrative Assistant Mandie Wade.

Absent: Kevin Sing


Shari called the meeting to order at 3:30 pm. Kristy moved and Becky seconded a motion to accept the July secretary’s report. Motion carried. Donna paid the phone bill, Mandie’s May and June salary and a $1000 scholarship to Gracie Pecho of Providence.  She received $100 in membership from Missio Dei Church. The checking account balance for July was $19,935.28 with a total of all accounts of $33,547.09. Mary Kay moved to accept the treasurer’s report. Becky seconded the motion. Motion carried. Donna reported that Gracie was delighted to receive the award.


Fireworks: The fireworks company has agreed to use only those, which go high into the air. Changing the location was discussed, but due to the lack of time, it will remain at the Metro station. Shari will contact Kevin Molloy to ask that the money he raised be paid to the chamber so that just one check can be cut to the fireworks company. We will not be asking ACE to do a round-up campaign this year.


Ladies Night Out: Thus far Mandie has received eight applications with Kristy being nine. Application deadline is due next week. Mandie will keep all checks until after the event in case of cancellation. A minimum of fifteen vendors was considered necessary for the event to take place on Sept. 2 from 5:30 to 7 pm in Time Square parking lot. Kristy will check with the tobacco store if he is OK with the parking area being blocked off. Other businesses in that area are closed except for the Wine Bar, which will probably be participating. Vendors are to bring their own tables.


Labor Day Parade:

After discussion about the safety of holding the parade during the spread of Covid-19, Mary Kay moved and Tim seconded a motion not to have the parade this year. Motion carried.


Networking Zoom: The small group will meet tomorrow, August 12, 2020 at 1 pm.


Pub Crawl/Fall activity: Several ideas were considered such as a pre-Halloween Witches and Warlocks Week and a Scavenger Hunt with signature required from inside or a clue on the outside to be written on the sheet. A tent limited to 50 people was considered, but would need someone to monitor the number in the tent and ask people to leave so that others could come in. Plans A and B will be considered for an October Fest.


The meeting was adjourned at 4 pm. The next meeting will be Sept. 9 at 3:30 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Mary Kay Cooper, secretary

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