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Board Meeting Minutesof the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce
255 South State Street, Unit B, Manhattan, IL  60442
February 13, 2018 

Board members present: Donna Bateman, Mary Kay Cooper, Shari Fiocca, Brian Kannberg and Erin McDonough

Absent: Kevin Sing and Laura Umphrey

The meeting was called to order at 5:35 p.m. by president Shari Fiocca.Erin moved and Donna seconded a motion to approve the Secretary’s Report. Motion carried. Donna reported about $1000 in renewals have just come in and need processing.  She will also send out a comparison of insurance amounts vs. coverage. Mary Kay moved and Brian seconded a motion to approve the treasurer’s report. Motion carried. Delivering plaques to new members could be a duty of new person. 

Kickoff: In general the Kickoff went well and the food was delicious. Not having a private room limited the networking. Once seated, limited movement could occur. Suggestion for next year is to have businesses introduce themselves and their business to the group. There were only two more people in attendance last year. Two new businesses from New Lenox joined, and one attended, who has never attended any of our group events, came. Photos should have been taken. Possibly a duty of new assistant.

New Memberships: Contacting potential new members should start via snail mail and include member benefit flyer and application. Both forms were reviewed and revised. Flyer needs to be on nice paper and logo should match the letterhead logo for brand messaging. Shari will check other chambers for their lead in. Application with office only information on the back to include dates for sticker/plaque/decal given; added to website, Facebook and Instagram; featured in spotlight on webpage, Manhappenin’s, Facebook and Monday Memo; and added to Constant Contact. Finding the email and mail addresses of possible members could be a job for a new assistant.

Social Media: We have Instagram and Twitter; however, the group does not like the name manhattanilcoc. Mary Kay will check with Kelly for passwords. Having IL in the name is important since there are other Manhattans.

Spotlighting a business weekly on our memos was suggested. The new assistant could contact the business for the information for posting such as taking a photo of the business/owners and interviewing them with list of questions to be determined. However, it was not determined the spotlight order –newest members, alphabetically, longest memberships.

Shari and Erin will be administrators on Facebook.

Labor Day: St. Paul’s has decided to host their usual Family Fun Day after the Labor Day Parade to keep up the tradition of family gatherings after the parade.Brian moved and Donna seconded a motion to change the parade theme to the Illinois Bicentennial. Motion carried.  Super Heroes can be used next year. Fireworks are too costly unless new person can get many sponsors.

Summer Bingo June 15: It was suggestioned to have at home businesses have a table at the event. For bingo cards, it was suggested to go to the Dollar Tree. Erin will check on license. Partner with Fritz’s for food was seen as the best option.

Leprechaun Shenanigans: info needs to go out a.s.a.p.

Lunch and Learns: Mary Kay will contact Lynn for dates and topics. Since last year’s fireworks top sponsors were promised free Lunch and Learns, which were cancelled, the next Lunch will be free to them. Donna will reach out to the speaker on self-defense that the LWABWO will be having. Having a Lunch and Learn with the topic of Come Pitch Your Business might work. A September wellness topic including why get a flu shot and symptoms was suggested. 

Home Based Business Fair:to showcase home-based businesses before Mother’s Day with suggested dates April 21 and May 5. April 28 was eliminated because Manhattan is hosting a band contest. Putting out on Facebook and Manhappenin’s-please contact chamber email if interested to see if there is interest.Work with Kristy Byers and Mom’s Night Out to get a list of home based businesses.

Scholarships: Due to our limited budget Mary Kay moved and Brian seconded a motion to change the scholarship amounts to $300 for high school students from Lincoln-Way West and Providence and $100 for 8th grade students from Manhattan Junior High and St. Joseph School. Motion carried. Erin will handle the details with 8th grade essays due April 6.

Assistant: Having two assistants and dividing the duties was considered a workable option. Erin and Shari will take the lead on the website and Twitter.

Christmas on State: Mary Kay was able to secure reindeer for a 10 am to noon slot. Three reindeer companies have gone out of business since last year, and most are booked by previous clients the day after the event. The first Saturday in December is their most requested date. Reindeers should be added as a Scavenger Hunt site. Previous years reindeer sponsorship of $50 got the sponsor’s name on a large banner posted at the event. When set up, the banner can be in the background of photos taken of the animals. This year’s animals will be in a pen for petting and not taken out to pose with each family. They will again be on Gustafson Street. Due to a mistake in booking on the part of A Zoo to You, the fee was reduced $100 and transportation fee reduced $25. The total for reindeer will be $1355.

The next meeting is March 13 at 5:30 pm in the Chamber office.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Kay Cooper, secretary 

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