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Manhattan Chamber of Commerce Board Minutes
255 South State Street, Unit B, Manhattan, IL 60442
February 12, 2019

Present: Donna Bateman, Kristy Byers, Mary Kay Cooper, Shari Fiocca, Timothy McGrath Kevin Sing and Administrative Assistant Peggy Kaatz

Shari called the meeting to order at 3:35 pm. Kevin moved, and Tim seconded a motion to approve the secretary’s report as written. Motion carried. Donna reviewed the treasurer’s report. Mary Kay moved to accept it, and Kevin seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Membership: Peggy reported that we have 35 paid members including six who paid at the end of 2018 for 2019 plus two new members of Gibbs Gunsmithing and Forsythe-Gould Funeral Home for a total of 37. Mrs. M childcare, Kat’s Café and Kirby’s Bakery are considering joining. The group approved of Peggy sending snail mail applications to last year’s members who have not yet renewed.

Independent Contractor: Tim will draw up an independent contractor form for Peggy to sign.

Freedom Voice cloud phone service was discussed. More research is needed to see if an app would need to be installed on Peggy’s phone, and if it would work on an iPhone 5se.

Debit Card: Kevin moved and Kristy seconded a motion to have Donna start the process of applying for a debit card in the Chamber’s name. Motion was approved. This could cover the initial phone setup fees for Freedom Voice. Since Peggy is not a signer on the checking account, only Shari and Donna could use the card.

Facebook Summary: Peggy reported thatfor January 14 - February 10we reached 7,500 people, which is up 88%. We have 3,500 post engagements, which is up 22%. We have 13 new page likes, which is up 116%.

Monday Morning Memo: It was suggested that Peggy change the heading for each weekly memo so that members would be more likely to read it.

Welcome Bags: Peggy receives from the Village the addresses of new residents without names. For the January and first week of February, only thirteen new residents did not pick up their Welcome Bags from the Village. Due to the bad weather, bag deliveries will not resume until March. Current bags are overflowing with items and are not the type to leave outside if the weather is bad. Current bags work for being picked up at the Village Hall. A reusable cloth 13” x 9” bag would cost about .50¢ each without printing. A 12” x 15” clear bag would cost .11¢ without printing. Shari will get prices for printing. Both the Village and Chamber’s name would need to be on the bag along with other business sponsors. Members will be asked to volunteer to deliver bags starting in March. It was generally thought that if one person was doing the delivery, then compensation would be voted upon according to the By-Laws. If the board divided up the deliveries or if members delivered, then no financial compensation would be given.

Date Stickers: Due to the difficulty of getting date stickers of the right size and color for the current plaques, Shari will get the prices for cling on not sticky door designs. Plaques may be used again if appropriate date stickers become available.

Banners:Shari will order a new Historical Society banner since the bottom is torn apart and will not hold a bottom pole. The new banners will be hung by the Village when the weather is better. Peggy will get the list of where to hang the banners to the Village.

Scholarships: The topic for Manhattan mailing address high school students at Peotone, Providence and Lincoln-Way West will be How Would Your Degree Improve the Business Community. Kristy and Tim will work together on application criteria and rubric for judging the essays. Each high school will be asked to pick the finalist from their school,from which the Chamber will pick one winner for the scholarship. Junior high students will receive a certificate only. Manhattan Junior High and St. Joseph School will be asked to pick their winners.

Kick-off: Since there will be monthly networking events with Chamber members having a free meal, the Kick-off dinner will be discontinued for 2019. Having the networking events rotate between breakfast, lunch and dinner was suggested. A dinner with a speaker was also suggested.

Bios and Photos: Peggy would like pictures and bios from the rest of the board. She has three photos and two bios currently.

Labor Day: Ace is willing to have only one week closer to the event to do a roundup at the cash register for fireworks. This might amount to only $500-600. Go fund Me should be activated again soon. This year’s fireworks may run closer to $7,000. Selecting a parade theme will be done at a later date.

The next meeting will be March 12, 2019 at 3:30 pm in the Chamber office.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:55.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Kay Cooper, secretary

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