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Furiends of Manhattan

Pet Pantry

The Furiends of Manhattan Pet Pantry started in July of 2020 when Kristen Marcheschi and her husband began operating the pet pantry from their home. They have helped over 100 families care for their pets! They don't only supply food and supplies for cats and dogs, they accept donations for all kinds of small pets. Helping families take care of their pets during a tough time can help them keep their pets and reduces the number of animals that have to go to a shelter or recuse.

Their favorite part about Manhattan is how caring and generous our small community is. The people of Manhattan have been extremely receptive to the pet pantry concept and have been very generous with donations.

The proudest moments for the Furiends of Manhattan Pet Pantry are all of the families that have been helped, especially when one or both incomes were lost due to Covid. They have had people tell them that if if weren't for the pet pantry, they wouldn't have been able to keep their beloved pets.

If you are interested in donating to the Furiends of Manhattan Pet Pantry, you can find them on Facebook at or email

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