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Manhattan Chamber of Commerce Meeting Minutes


January 11, 2022


Present: Becky Bouck, Kristy Byers, Joe Cerullo, Shari Fiocca, Kevin Malloy, Brittany Rojek, and Brad Hay.

Absent: Donna Bateman


Becky called the meeting to order at 3:30 pm.  We reviewed the current by-laws.  Decided to add administrative assistant role and duties into our by-laws under article 4.  Brittany motioned and Kristy seconded the motion to accept.  Motion Carried.


Due to multiple members missing the scheduled February meeting, board decided to change our February meeting to February 1st.


Pushed creating our 2022 budget to the February meeting due to Donna Bateman being absent.


We reviewed and finalized out 2022 calendar of events.  Board decided to ask the mayor to attend our first Network and Learn event of the year.  After that, it will be open to members to give 10-minute presentations at each Network and Learn event.  February Network and Learn food will be ordered from Roadhouse restaurant. 


Discussed scholarships and board agreed to $1,000 scholarship to a student from Lincoln-way West, Peotone, and Providence with a Manhattan address.


Brittany motioned to end the meeting and Shari seconded.  Meeting closed at 5:00 pm.


The next meeting will be February 1st at 3:30 pm.

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