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Board meeting Minutes of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce 
255 South State Street, Unit B, Manhattan, IL 60442
July 10, 2018 

Present: Donna Bateman, Mary Kay Cooper, Erin McDonough, Shari Fiocca 
and Administrative Assistant Peggy Kraatz

Absent: Kevin Sing, Brian Kannberg and Laura Umphrey

President Shari Fiocca called the meeting to order at 5:20 p.m.

Erin moved to approve the June secretary’s report and Donna seconded the motion. Motion carried. Donna presented the June Treasurer’s report.  Mary Kay moved and Erin seconded the motion to approve it. Motion carried.

Peggy reported positive feedback on our social media with other groups sharing our posts.

Labor Day Parade: So far we have five entries, however, it is early. Peggy will contact Curtain Call to participate in our parade since they did a nice job of warming up the crowd at the Mokena parade. She will also contact Maertin Heating and Granite Mountain who participated in Mokena. She has invited all those running for County office to participate. Peggy will post asking for parade judges. If the race track announcer charges, then Ron Pacheco or Kevin Malloy were suggested for MC. Another suggestion was having the Lincoln-Way 210 band as the Grand Marshall in honor of their upcoming Rose Bowl participation. Lineup suggestions were first come first in line especially for politicians, no tractors near bands, separate the bands. Separate candidates running for the same office. Donna will count the number of green plastic bags saying, “Manhattan Chamber of Commerce,” to hand out as candy bags.

The following are action items: Hand out parade applications at the August Cruise Night. Solicit members to help with parade line-up and flow. Have a trial run of the audio system. Mary Kay to seek St. Paul’s membership so we can promote their Community event occurring after the parade. Mary Kay will complete the parade application, get the judges stand from John Kiefner and talk to farmers and Threshermen’s Association about entries.

Labor Day Fireworks:

Thus far, ACE’s round up donations are over $580 in less than a week. The campaign ends Aug. 15. Betsy’s may do a raffle. Kevin Molloy will reach out to his New Lenox contacts that have business relations in Manhattan. We have a total of $3880 towards the fireworks of which about $100 comes from residents and the ACE money. Erin filled out a contact form for Melrose Pyrotechnics that has done the display for the past two years.

It would be nice to have a live band at Central Park from 7-8:30 pm before the fireworks on Sunday. Electro Retro was suggested. Having the same foods as concert nights: hot dogs, hamburgers, brots, pop and alcoholic beverages was also suggested. 

Christmas on State:
Reindeer will be 10 am to noon on Gustafson St. next to Park District Program Center. Scavenger Hunt cards will be printed in-house. Erin will get the Scavenger Hunt winners Master Card type gift cards. Gingerbread House contest or assembly is still to be determined. Santa has been lined up by the Park District to appear at the Program Center and the parade. The Park District pays him.

Only Crosswind Farms near the Creamery needs replacing. Due to its location being windy, it is recommended not to use that pole. Mary Kay will draft an order form. Erin moved and Donna seconded a motion to charge $100 for one year for existing banners and $150 for new banners of the same color and style as current ones with the exception of Crosswind farms getting a new banner for $100. There are only four empty poles unless current banner holders decide not to renew. It will be on a first come, first serve basis with an Aug. 15 deadline.

Welcome Bags:
It was felt that Welcome Bags should be handled by the Village since the cost for time spent delivering is adding up. Peggy will post on the website a notice to pick up bags at the Village Hall. She will remove the message to email the Chamber if you want a bag. If Donna’s delivery list goes down and the Village’s request for more bags goes up, then the website info is working. 

Annual Meeting/New Board:
Peggy has received notice from two interested businesses to be on the board: Tim McGrath, lawyer, and Joe Cerullo, who will be starting an Ed Jones office in Manhattan. Depending on whose terms are up and who is willing to remain will determine if there are more available seats. Of those whose terms are up, Shari is willing to stay on, Erin is undecided and Brian was not at the meeting to ask. Possible member restaurants to hold the meeting are very limited. A catered event may be necessary.

Erin read thank you notes from Joseph Nuegent, Providence, and Sarah Swanberg, Lincoln-Way, for the scholarships they received from the Chamber.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30.

The next meeting is August 14, 2018

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Kay Cooper, secretary

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