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Manhattan Chamber Executive Board Meeting 7/12/2022

Present: Joe Cerullo, Kevin Molloy, Becky Bouck, Donna Bateman, Brittany Rojek, Brad Hay,
Kristy Byers, Admin Asst Mandie Wade

Meeting was called to order at 3:33 pm
Board reviewed the secretary report. Kevin motioned, Shari 2nd the report, all in favor.

We then reviewed the Treasurer Report. Brittany motioned, Shari 2nd the report, all in favor.

We also voted to approve our insurance cost.
Board discussed the Labor Day parade with the mayor about logistic issues. We are going to
issue a joint statement about not having the parade this year.
Board discussed having a Kid's Expo or centralized event instead of driving house to house for
next year/s Young Entrepreneurs Day. We will invite first 10 registrants this year to come to
one of the next craft fairs.
Board discussed sponsorship opportunities for Ladie'sNight event. Kevin motioned, Becky 2nd,
all in favor of the sponsorship opportunities.
Meeting adjourned at 4:34 pm

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