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              Manhattan Chamber of Commerce Board Meeting Minutes 
                         Manhattan Village Hall, Manhattan, IL 60442
                                               June 14, 2018 

Present: Donna Bateman, Mary Kay Cooper, Erin McDonough Brian Kannberg, Kevin Sing and Administrative Assistant Peggy Kraatz

Absent: Shari Fiocca 

Vice-President Erin McDonough called meeting to order at 8:39 a.m.Donna Bateman presented the May Treasurer’s report noting that one high school scholarship was voted on in the minutes as $300 and another month it was voted on as $250. Therefore, two different amounts were given. Erin noted that the high schools pick our winner based on meeting the qualifications of Manhattan resident. Lincoln-Way also tries to spread out the awards. Providence has very few from Manhattan from which to select. Junior high scholarships are usually selected by the Chamber based on essays or by the school’s 8th grade Language Arts teacher.

Report was approved.  Accepting the secretary’s report was moved by Brian and seconded by Donna. Motion carried.

Events:  Labor Day Fireworks were discussed. The Go Fund Me write-up was revised. Peggy will contact Ace to see if they will participate in rounding up the change as they currently do for another charity. Kevin will check with Berkot’s to see if they will do a similar program. Donations can also be dropped off at the Village Hall, sent directly to the Chambers PO Box or dropped off at BMO only if in check format. The information will also be posted on Manhappenin’s without comments being allowed. Erin will ask to post on “What’s Happening in New Lenox.” Peggy will post weekly updates with amount-collected. Kevin will make a large sign for the Historical Society window. Peggy will snail mail members, past parade participants and candidates running for office, a parade application and a fireworks application

Labor Day Parade:  First we will ask the community who would like to be a judge. If no volunteers come forward, then Larry Walsh and Rusty Ragon would be asked. Kelly will ask the track announcer if he is available. Prospective Grand Marshall candidates could include our scholarship winners or Pastor Carol for her Central Illinois summer camp for under privileged children. Donna will count green bags to see how many we have left from last year. Because Manhattan Jr. High is the hometown band, they should go first. Lincoln-Way band due to its size will be put towards the end. Bag pipers will also be invited: Emerald Society, Shannon Rovers and Chicagoland Irish Bagpipers.

Banners:  After a brief discussion of keeping the current banners up and doing a $100 fall renewal of current banner holders and a $200 for new sign ups with a spring hanging or the current method of getting all new banners for Christmas on State, Kevin moved and Brian seconded a motion to table additional banner discussion until July. Motion carried.

Mary Kay will make a drop box for forms and information for all board members to access.

The next meeting will be July 10 at 5:15 pm at the Chamber office.

Meeting adjourned at 9:50 am.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Kay Cooper, secretary

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