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Manhattan Chamber Board Meeting 6/14/2022

Present: Joe Cerullo, Becky Bouck, Brittany Rojek, and Shari Fiocca, Admin Asst Mandie Wade
Absent: Kristy Byers and Brad Hay.
Meeting was called to order by Madam President at 3:34 pm.
Treasurer Report: Board discussed looking at I-bonds to see if a chamber can open an account at the
Treasury Department for some of our cash holdings.
The chamber had 2 new members last month.
July networking event will be at 9:00am at the Village Hall. We will use Katz as our food options. We
will ask Dan Casper to be our speaker for the July event.
We discussed board members being more involved in volunteering for events. Passed around an event
time sheet to sign up for upcoming events.
Meeting Adjourned at 4:30pm.

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