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Manhattan Morning Mixer

Manhattan Chamber of Commerce

     The Manhattan Chamber of Commerce held a breakfast networking event on Thursday, May 17th. Many local businesses attended and were given the opportunity to meet and network with owners and representatives of businesses that belong to the Chamber of Commerce. Each representative was invited to share brochures, calendars, business cards, and promotional products for their business. Part of the morning was spent allowing each business the chance to give information about their business, the services they provide, and the products that they offer. 
      The Chamber also invited speakers from Midewin National Tall Grass Prairie in Wilmington to give an overview of their park. Wade Spang and Bob Holmes gave an informative presentation of the activities available at Midewin for families to enjoy. They provided us with a link to a livecam at the park where you can watch the bison roam freely through the area. The link is:
     The Manhattan Chamber of Commerce would like to thank all the businesses that attended the event. Berkot's Super Foods deserves a special thank you for providing all the delicious breakfast foods enjoyed by our members. The Chamber would also like to thank the Village of Manhattan for allowing us to host our event in the meeting room at the Village Hall.

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