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Manhattan Chamber Executive Board Meeting 3/15/2022


Meeting called to order by the President at 3:40pm.  All members present.


Mandie discussed admin report with new members.  We have 1 new member.

Donna went over Treasurer Report.  Members decided to renew our CD for another 3 months.  Members decided to renew our current insurance policy and pay for the year.  We discussed out phone plan and voted to switch to T-Mobile.  Kristy motioned, Brittany 2nd, all were in favor. 


Brittany discussed scholarship choices and the board members are to email Brittany our choices. 


Board discussed the Golden Egg sponsorship and other sponsorship levels.  Mandie will email the options to our members.  Board voted to purchase Frisbee and Bubbles from Shari.  Becky motioned, Kristy 2nd, all in favor.


Meeting adjourned at 4:30pm.  Shari motioned, Kristy 2nd, to close the meeting.

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