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Missio Dei Church


   Missio Dei Church moved to their new location at 360 Park Street in Manhattan after renting a space in New Lenox for several years. They have been meeting as a congregation since 2007; fairly young as churches go, but with a fair share of trials and triumphs alike already under their belt. They look forward to putting roots down here and discovering how they can serve the community.

   Missio Dei is led by Paul Vroom, a pastor with a passion for the Gospel and also sharing good meals with great friends. If he is not at Starbucks or nose-deep in a challenging book, he is likely spending time with his wife Laura and their two kids, Grace and Isaac, with whom they are immensely proud (of course!). Paul's desire to experience rich relationships and see them form in others is a hallmark of his life and work.

   MDC is part of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) denomination. The name "Missio Dei" is Latin for "Mission of God." But governing bodies and old languages aside, you can be assured that Missio Dei is a family-friendly church that seeks to love sacrificially, serve the needy, and draw people into an ever-deepening relationship with God.

   Let us not mince words: A passionate faith in Jesus Christ is the driving force of Missio Dei Church and their top priority.

   If you're curious about what this sort of church looks like, you are invited to attend a Sunday-morning service that begins at 9:30am. Children have access to their own programs, the message will be Bible-based, coffee is available afterwards, and friendly faces will greet you at the door ready to address any questions you may have. While members enjoy meeting in their houses for Bible study, supporting missionaries overseas, and having fun at other events throughout the year, visitors are welcome to just sit and observe with no further obligation.

   Those curious about Missio Dei Church before attending a service can visit their website,, email, check out their Facebook page at or call 815-680-6084.

Paul Vroom | Lead Pastor
Missio Dei Church (PCA)

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