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Manhattan Chamber of Commerce

Board Minutes 

255 South State Street, Unit B,

Manhattan, IL 60442 

November 8, 2018 

Present: Donna Bateman, Shari Fiocca, Kevin Sing, Erin McDonough, Kristy Byers, and Administrative Assistant Peggy Kraatz

Absent: Krupesh Patel, Laura Umphrey, Joe Regan, Timothy McGrath and Mary Kay Cooper

Secretary's Report:

The meeting was called to order at 3:37 pm by President Shari Fiocca at the Chamber Office.  After review of the minutes, Erin stated she was missing from the absent list on the November 1, 2018 minutes.  Kevin motioned, upon adding Erin, to approve the minutes.  Erin seconded.

Treasurer's Report:

Treasurer’s report was accepted, motion by Erin and seconded by Kevin.  Donna had a question about a letter received from Country Financial.  Kevin looked it over and told her to fill out the W-9 and mail it back in.

Marketing Report:

Midewin would like to meet with us to discuss the lecture series for 2019.  It was decided that Peggy would forward the information to Joe, who can plan a networking event around it.  January or later would be a better time for it, with the holidays coming. Peggy is going to send an email letting parade participants know not to throw candy.  LC Chiropractic emailed about a donation for Wreaths Across America.  The board decided the Chamber will not donate, as there are many organizations and charitable causes and we can’t donate to all of them.  Peggy will email LC Chiropractic to let them know we won’t be donating, but we would be more than happy to post and advertise for this event.

Events: Christmas on State
Peggy stated there are 10 Scavenger Hunt participants, 4 Reindeer donations and 5 floats, so far.  The board decided that we would have the Scavenger Hunt score card uploaded to the Virtual Backpack on and each bank would receive 100 cards that people can pick up.  We can drop off more if they run out. 

Peggy is going to email the Park District to confirm they are getting Santa.  She is also going to contact the Fire Department to make sure they are going to be in the parade to give Santa a ride to the tree lighting.  The Village is going to have the Grinch at the tree lighting as well.

Kevin motioned to use the updated Christmas on State list of activities for any newspaper articles.  Erin seconded. Peggy is going to email other members and see if they have any events going on for Saturday to add to the list.  Some changes were made to Christmas on State event list, per board members recommendations.  Peggy will update event list and email to board for approval.

Donna brought up event insurance.  She is going to quote it out and email the board.

Christmas on State Job assignments:
Reindeer – Mary Kay and Donna
Scavenger Hunt Turn in – Shari and Erin
Parade – Peggy and Laura (to take pictures?)
Sound System – Joe

Kevin said that as far as he knows, the permit is good.  We will close the parking lot at 5:00 pm.  Businesses will be made aware and a post will be made on Facebook.

$50 Amazon giftcards were decided on for the scavenger hunt prizes.

Banners – Set for January.  Shari is going to email Peggy all the banners so she can confirm they are good to go.
Plaques and Stickers – Donna is going to order 2019 stickers.  We have plenty of plaques left and to replace all the plaques would cost too much.
Surveys – We only received back 1 survey from Kevin Malloy.
Business after hours was tabled by Erin since Joe wasn’t present and there is no time before the holidays.

Respectfully submitted,
Erin McDonough, Vice President

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