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Manhattan Chamber of Commerce Meeting Minutes
Meeting was held in Person at Village Hall as well as zoom.
October 29, 2021

Present: Kevin Molloy, Donna Bateman, Kristy Byers, Becky Bouck, Brittany Rojek, Kevin Sing, Shari Fiocca, Joe Cerullo, along with administrative assistant Mandie Wade.
Absent: N/A

The meeting was called to order at 3:30pm.
Treasurer’s Report: Kevin Sing motioned to approve the report and Shari Fioccca seconded the motion. Motion carried. Donna will check to see if there’s a shorter term for the Chamber’s CD that is coming due.
Secretary’s Report: Kevin Sing motioned to approve the report and Shari Fiocca seconded the motion. Motion carried.
Administrative Assistant’s Report: Total Membership as of today is 90. There are a few more that said they will be submitting their application to be a part of the Chamber as well. Membership costs will not be raised in the upcoming year.
Oktoberfest: Will wait for IHSA to release their calendar for the Homecoming date for 2022 prior to determining a date. Planning for the Oktoberfest 2022 event will begin in January/February of 2022 and all board members will be required to participate/plan this event.
Luncheon: The Chamber has begun having monthly Luncheons. These Luncheons will be held on the third Wednesday of each month beginning at 12pm. They will last approximately one hour and lunch will be provided to those members that are in attendance. A different guest speaker will also attend each month. October’s Luncheon had First Bank of Manhattan as the
guest speaker and lunch was catered by Subway. There will not be a luncheon in November due to the annual dinner on November 16th. Possibility of using Youtube links as an option for members in 2022 who are unable to attend, they will be able to view guest speakers here.
Chamber Board Meetings: Meetings will be held in person at the Village Hall on the Second Tuesday of every month. Zoom will also be available for members who are unable to attend in person.
Annual Member Dinner & selecting new board: Dinner will be on November 16th beginning at approximately 5 pm. Gattos in New Lenox has been reserved for this event.
Chamber Board Elections: The new Board members for the upcoming term are Brad Hay and returning members are Becky Bouck, Donna Bateman, and Joe Cerullo. When the new board has begun their term, a strategic planning session will take place and that will last approximately 3-4 hours. During this time, all of the events will be planned for the upcoming year and committees for each event will be formed at this time as well.
Letters to Santa: Will run November 25th through December 10th. The Chamber will need to secure a new mailbox for letters.
Christmas on State: Will take place on December 4th.

Scavenger Hunt for the children will take place again this year. Invitations will be sent out to Chamber Business and we will need a response on participation by mid November in order to prepare scavenger hunt cards. Completed Scavenger cards can be placed in mailbox located in the time square lot, next to the tree. Winner will be drawn at the tree lighting event that will take place at approximately 6pm.
Not For Profit: The Chamber Board will be looking into the possibility of becoming a 501C3 in the upcoming year. Tabled until the next meeting with the new board.
Website: The Chamber Board will look into revamping the website in 2022 to make it more user friendly and to promote our businesses better. Tabled until the next meeting with the new board.
Happy Hour: The Chamber will have a happy hour in December for all Chamber members to attend. This will take place either the first or second week of December and will be at a Chamber Business. Mandie will reach out to our Chamber members for interest in hosting this event.
Chamber Stickers: Shari will check on pricing for member renewal stickers for 2022. Tabled until the next meeting with the new board.
Meeting was adjourned at 5:02pm. Kevin Sing motioned to end the meeting & Shari
Fiocca Seconded motion. Motion carried.
Respectfully Submitted,
Becky Bouck

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