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Board meeting Minutes of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce
255 South State Street, Unit B, Manhattan, IL 60442
September 11, 2018


Present: Donna Bateman, Laura Umphrey, Krupesh Patel for Brian Kannberg, Shari Fiocca, Kevin Sing, Joe Regan, Erin McDonough and Administrative Assistant Peggy Kraatz

Absent: Mary Kay Cooper

Meeting was called to order at 5:30 p.m. by President Shari Fiocca who welcomed new board member Joe Regan and Krupesh Patel who is filling in for Brian Kannberg’s remaining term. Board members received the handouts for the meeting along with an updated Board of Directors contact list.

Secretary’s Report - August minutes and Labor Day Parade minutes where reviewed and approved. Erin McDonough moved to approve the report and Kevin Sing seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report - Donna Bateman presented the August Treasurer’s report stating the largest expense was for the Labor Day Fireworks. She deposited the donated funds on 8/23/18 and Donna will make payment to the vendor tomorrow, September 12, 2018 in the amount of $6,500.00. Donna covered the report and mentioned funds to Donna Bateman are for Constant Contact and Welcome Bags. Erin McDonough inquired about the cellular bill. Donna stated that unlimited text was added and that the bill comes in the name of Mary Kay Cooper as she receives a discount on billing and she will follow up with Mary Kay upon her return. Kevin Sing moved to approve report and Erin McDonough seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Marketing Report Update – Peggy Kraatz reported that she only received one complaint that someone missed the night of the fireworks. Several people commented they did not realize it was on Sunday. The news of the Labor Day Fireworks was publicized on several social media websites. Peggy will be working on scheduling a few ribbon cutting ceremonies. Board members are encourage to come to the events and take photos if possible.
Donna Bateman followed up how things are going with Constant Contact and realizes most do not open or read on Monday mornings. Donna reviews scheduled chamber events and posts prior to the event. Last week she posted a Thank You for the Fireworks and to the Labor Day Parade participants.  Peggy Kraatz reported volunteers are needed for the Wine Fest. She received an email from the Manhattan Park Foundation. She will see if they can create a flyer that can be posted on the Constant Contact website.  Donna Bateman was unable to deliver welcome bags last week. She has 15 ready for delivery. Donna receives great feedback from those who receive a bag.
Labor Day Parade -Erin McDonough commented on good feedback she received from those in the community of the Labor Day and that the Parade was fantastic. Peggy Kraatz responded to the Parade reviews that Mary Kay Cooper completed and sent out to the board. The Board members discussed how we could improve in areas for next year. Peggy commented we need everyone there to assist and additional volunteers to help on the parade route. Joe Regan stated as a parade participant, he thought the distance between parade participants was a good distance apart. Kevin Sign reviewed the Village guidelines of throwing candy from moving vehicles. They should not throw while driving and candy thrown should go the distance to the curb for the children’s safety not to run into the parade route. Bus drop off prior to the parade was incorrect. They were on the wrong road and did not follow instructions given. Next year this will be reviewed with bus drivers for drop off and pick up areas. Republican Party also had several jump in participants that had not registered or paid to enter the parade. Peggy will send invoices out to collect their entry fee. This would be $400 we would be out of they don’t pay the fee. Keith Ogle paid for his spot but 4 other politicians showed up. The same thing happened with the farm tractors. Kevin mentioned letting the farm tractors ride in the parade at no charge. This could get more involvement of tractor participants next year. Werner Farms paid but 2 other tractors showed up to ride in the parade that had not registered. Donna Bateman received one last minute entry that Saturday morning of the parade. The status of the sound equipment was discussed. It was brought in and left open to air out and should be in good condition. Donna Bateman will present the First Place Award to First Bank of Manhattan and Peggy Kraatz will deliver the other awards.
October Membership Dinner
The board members discussed the venue for the upcoming Annual Chamber Membership Dinner. Erin McDonough suggested we have it with someone that is a current chamber member and that have already paid their annual fee. Peggy Kraatz suggested Gina’s Tear Drop Café. It is only 5.5 miles from Manhattan and they cater. She visited the café and spoke to the owner and Peggy shared the menu and price per person. We will offer 2 complimentary tickets to the business and discussed the price for additional people to attend. The amount was currently $10.00 for extra people from the business but if we charge $12.00 per additional person this would go towards paying the tip for the caterer and venue. The board members discussed changing from a dinner after work to breakfast or a luncheon. It would be best to keep as an after hour event if we want a good turnout of chamber members. Most are unavailable to leave their place of business during working hours. It was mentioned that a good idea may be to have reindeer sponsorship packets at the dinner for Christmas on State. Joe Regan suggested we hold the dinner in Manhattan and not out of town. Peggy will follow up with Gina at Gina’s Teardrop Café on the menu. Time would be from 5-8 p.m. to consider 5-6 p.m. as a networking time and dinner could begin at 6:00 p.m. Erin McDonough moved to have Gina’s Teardrop Café do the catering for the Annual Chamber dinner and Kevin Sign seconded the motion. Motion carried.
Invitations for the dinner – Sherri Fiocca will design and send in postcard style. Members will have the ability to respond via email or by contacting the chamber office. Peggy Kraatz will follow up with emails to chamber members with bios of those running for the 2019 chamber board. Peggy will purchase the postcards and stamps.
Ballots were discussed. The members may vote by email (by proxy) if unable to attend the evening event. Voting will also take place at the dinner with those in attendance. Votes by email are considered 1 vote per business. Peggy will monitor the email votes so the members do not vote in person the night of the dinner. She will know who voted by proxy and they will not receive a paper ballot that night at the dinner. Peggy will keep a confidential tally and Erin McDonough offered to assist as dual as she will no longer be a board member for the upcoming year.
By Laws -Board members reviewed the suggested revisions to the By Laws previously prepared by Mary Kay Cooper with suggested revisions. Kevin Sign also made revisions to his copy and will send out via email to the board members tomorrow. We can review and discuss prior to the annual meeting. We should review prior to the end of next week and communicate any revisions suggested. Joe Regan asked how many board members where present. We had 7 present at meeting. Peggy Kraatz and Sheri Fiocca named those remaining and those leaving this term. We will have 4 current members remaining and 4 new this coming year to alternate 4 coming onto the board and 4 leaving each year. The board discussed a Nominating Committee and when there is no interest for chamber involvement by a business the Nominating Committee will be chosen to help voting for empty spots on the board.
Christmas on State, Dec. 1st – The board quickly touched on subject and a save the date reminder will be sent out prior to event for Scavenger Hunt. Erin McDonough moved to table topic until next meeting, Donna Bateman seconded motion. Motion Carried.
Membership Banners
We have 11 businesses that have paid for banners. Silver Cross plan to send in a check so this will make 12. The Mayor said we can get as many as banners as we want to put up in town and he will get additional poles. We do have the capability to place 2 banners per pole by additional arms to the pole. Shari Fiocca will check on pricing of additional arms. Donna Bateman asked if this something the Chamber will have to pay for. Kevin Sing will check with IDOT on positioning of any additional poles. September 15th was the deadline to send in payment. Shari Fiocca has an intent to renew her banner but was waiting to ensure the availability for another business if needed. Joe Regan also stated the intent to get a banner for Fitness Premier.
New Business
Peggy Kraatz will purchase a new toilet seat for the chamber office to replace the broken seat. Joe Regan moved to agree on the purchase and Erin McDonough seconded the motion. Motion carried.
Donna Bateman asked Kevin Sing about the lists of new Manhattan residents. The Village is unable to send the list with the names, only addresses will be given. Chamber members should be able to receive the list as it is public record. Kevin Sing mentioned checking out the website FOIA. The Board discussed direct mail and postcards to residents.

Meeting time was discussed. The board agreed to try a different day and time in October to meet and discuss the Annual Board meeting.

Adjourned at 6:50 p.m.
The next meeting will be held at Agave Azul on Thursday, October 11th at 11:30 a.m.

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