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Manhattan Chamber of Commerce Meeting Minutes

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the meeting was held as a Zoom conference call.

September 9, 2020


Present: Donna Bateman, Becky Bouck, Kristy Byers, Joe Cerullo, Mary Kay Cooper, Shari Fiocca, Kevin Sing and Administrative Assistant Mandie Wade.

Absent: Tim McGrath


Shari called the meeting to order at 3:36 pm. Kristy moved and Kevin seconded a motion to accept the August secretary’s report. Motion carried. Donna paid the phone bill and Mandie’s July and August salaries. She received $125 in membership from Tromp. Also Kevin Molloy’s fireworks fundraising of 1,875 was received. The checking account balance for August was $21,210.51 with a total of all accounts of $34,823.07. Kristy moved to accept the treasurer’s report. Mary Kay seconded the motion. Motion carried.


Donna will send out an email vote closer to the October 19 CD renewal date for approval of the new rates. The checking account will be close to $13,000 once the fireworks bill is paid. Mary Kay moved and Kevin seconded a motion to allow Donna to move $1,000 out of checking to put into BMO Harris Bank to avoid dormancy. Another $1,000 is to be moved from checking to First Bank savings to avoid dormancy. Motion carried.

Labor Day Fireworks: Thus far the Manhappenin's feedback has been favorable. Over 230 viewed the 13-minute display from a variety of neighborhoods. Rt. 52 and Cherry Hill Road and Symerton were the farthest locations.

Membership: Mandie reported that Kraus has renewed while the liquor store has not. Mandie will email a list to Kevin detailing which banners are to be taken down.


Trunk & Treat: The Manhattan PTO is planning their event for Oct. 24. Last year the event was a bridge time between getting out of school and the Villages Trick or Treat hours. This year with Halloween being on a Saturday, the PTO did not want to disrupt that day’s events. The Chamber came up with several ways to enrich the Oct. 24th event. Local businesses could offer specials or tastings. The event could be setup at Time Square with parking at the Wabash lot. Kristy will speak with Skip Kraus about using the parking lot. A Scavenger Hunt could be added. A permit would need to be secured.


Car Show: The Village will host a Sept. 14 Car Show on the Wabash lot.


Scarecrows: Route 52 in the downtown area will be the location of scarecrows.


Ladies Night Out: due to the spike in our region’s Covid-19 cases, Ladies’ Night Out was cancelled by a vote at a specially called meeting. A replacement for that event or a PTO craft show was considered in the space behind Amelia Berg’s insurance office. Kevin noted that if it benefitted members and was not just a social event, it would have his support. Another suggestion was to hold the Ladies’ Night Out in spring.


Taste of Manhattan: Several names and activities were discussed for a Shop Local Campaign. Currently restaurants are the members having the most difficult time. Mandie will give each board member a list of brick and mortar members to call to see if they are interested in the concept, would want a special menu/item advertised and want to be a drop off location. Scavenger Hunt cards could be downloaded on line or picked up at a few local places. A participant would need to get the signature from 3-5 businesses and drop off the card by a Saturday or Sunday two weeks from the starting of the promotion in order to qualify for either a $50 restaurant gift card purchased by the Chamber or $50 cash prize for non-restaurant participation. Non-restaurants could be the pick up and/or drop off locations. Since biweekly can mean twice a week or twice a month so we need to be clear with dates of when the event starts and stops.


Lunch and Learns: Covid-19 rules limit the group to 50. Box lunches would work with the group spread out more. The Chamber could present it upcoming events as well as members talk about their businesses. Permission to use the Village Hall would be necessary for the 11:45 pm event. Gina’s Tear Drop should be asked to provide the box meals since she is too far out to participate in the Scavenger Hunt activities. Members are free and the cost to non-members will remain at $10. Returning to the third Wednesday of the month met with approval.


Christmas on State: It is better to plan the event now rather than have to rush plans later. Parade and Scavenger Hunt seem possible. District 114 schools will not allow outside groups to use their buildings. Maybe St. Joseph’s will allow use of their school gym or church basement for a craft show.


Weather Channel: Mary Kay moved and Donna seconded a motion to offer comp membership to the Weather Channel for coverage of Chamber events. Motion carried.


The meeting adjourned at 4:49 pm.

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